shining a light into the darkness

I  Told

the  Moon

Even if no one listened. even if no one heard me at all. at least I’ll have told the moon.

photo of pregnant Lisa with son

Born of necessity

‘I Told the Moon’ began as a way to process my own intense emotions postpartum. 

Organizing my thoughts into writing helped me work through them. It made them less scary. Like shining a light into the darkness.

My chaos felt articulated. This clarity allowed me to finally draw the parallels of my struggles to the life of others. Originally, my experience made me feel so alone. But now I feel more connected to others than ever before. 

It wasn’t just fellow mothers that echoed my PPD sentiments. Surprisingly, my non-parental friends were able to relate as well from their own life experiences. 

Maybe its time we openly discuss the realities of life rather than keep them in our darkness. Maybe sharing will make us all feel a little bit less alone.

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